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Today's temperature management marketplace is driven by the demand for greater energy efficiency. Poor insulation can translate into big costs. In addition, regulatory  requirements must also be met.

New to vacuum insulated panels?

So, you're probably asking: "What are vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), and why should I care about them?"

Where cold and hot matter, Thermocor VIPs are on-hand to provide a superior energy-efficient option for insulation. VIPs are barrier envelopes that have been vacuum-sealed to provide maximum energy efficiency. They come in various sizes and fit easily into small spaces, where size also matters.

Interested in saving energy for the long-term while minimizing space requirements? Look for ThermoCor VIPs to change the future.

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What sets Thermocor apart? - Technology

ThermoCor insulation panels offer thermal resistance six times greater than commonly used polyurethane foam insulation and up to ten times that of other common insulations. They are durable, require minimal space, and wrap easily around applications. Whether purchased in standard sizes or custom fabricated to meet specialized needs, ThermoCor VIPs allow customers to design high energy-efficient systems with a reduced footprint for greater internal space capacity.

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ThermoCor panels offer the highest value vacuum insulation product in the industry.

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Thermocor VIPS
can be found in:

  • Energy-efficiency appliances
  • Mobile refrigeration applications, like RVs
  • Construction projects
  • Insulated shipping boxes
  • Temperature-controlled containers
  • Marine refrigeration solutions
  • Specialty applications